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  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh


    Haha, you actually don’t ever need to watch this, as it’s already nestled snug in the recesses of your memory banks! Rachel and I took turns excitedly beaming “oh yeah THIS part!!!” at each other, by my estimation, three hundred times.

    One of the reasons you need to fear the heffalumps and woozles is “they’re insincere!!!” which really says it all.

    It’ll get your kids primed and ready for the comedy of Joe Pera.

  • The Dragon Lives Again

    The Dragon Lives Again


    33 years of me ambling through life like a dope, not knowing there’s a ramshackle “Bruce Lee” movie where Popeye helps him kill a bunch of mummies. Ah, but NOW to usher in 33 more where I bring it up to anyone who gets cornered by me at a PARTY like a dope!

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  • Rat Race

    Rat Race

    ♫ ♪♫

    Seth Green, Mr. Bean

    Cuba Gooding’s Lucy scene.

    Kathy Bates, Amy Smart,

    Newman with a transplant heart.

    2 million dollar goal

    Breckin Meyer, starring role,

    Lovitz driving Hitler’s car, 

    John Cleese marking where they are,


    pierced goon,

    cow hangs from an air balloon.

    Whoopi G! 

    Locker key!  


    We didn’t start the Rat Race!

    It was always blastin’

    since ensemble castin’!

    We didn’t start the Rat Race!

    But I’d watch it today

    If I owned the Blu-ray!

    ♫ ♪♫

  • Best in Show

    Best in Show


    Being an aspiring comedy writer is great because it's the only life path you can take where you can work really hard on something and still say to yourself "yeah, but it's still not as good as that scene where a guy rattles off the names of various nuts”