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  • The Best Years of Our Lives
  • The Third Man
  • The Apartment
  • Dog Day Afternoon

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  • The Case of the Howling Dog


  • The Last Voyage


  • Central Park


  • Backfire


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  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    First time seeing this. I may have closed my eyes a few times from being movie-watching-bleary-eyed. This movie is plain weird. I need to watch it again (when I'm more attentive) to (perhaps) get a better grasp on what was going on. Then again, repeated viewings may not help.

    It took me about three viewings to love Wild Strawberries, so perhaps the same thing here.

    Speaking of that, there's a line in the film where a girl offers Max von Sydow's character wild strawberries and milk. When that appeared on the subtitles there was an audible sigh from the crowd.

  • Love Is Better Than Ever

    Love Is Better Than Ever


    I like how the guy tries to put one over on the girl but in the end, she ends up putting one over on him. A cute film, and plenty of Liz Taylor's legs.