The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

The first film introduced bullet time, had a whole lot of vague, symbolic but iconic stuff that brought it to near-mythical status, but it had a poorly-written plot and one of the most tacked-on romantic endings in an era full of them. The second one exploded the whole red pill-blue pill dichotomy in a nearly-incomprehensible statement about destiny and some badass cartoon physics, but it failed at the world-building it was trying to set-up and has about 45 minutes of boring action in the middle that could've been cut without affecting the plot at all.

Both of those films have pretty major flaws, but it's hard to see what the third one has going for it at all, other than just hurtling towards the ending through a blur of noisy, grinding metal.

The closest thing to chemistry that Neo and Trinity have is that both actors seem equally incapable of generating any chemistry. Conspiracy theory here that Neo's character is blinded not out of some Oedipal symbolism, but because that way Keanu Reeves didn't have to strain to show emotion when Trinity dies.

The Sentinels are pretty cool, but the final battle between Neo and Agent Smith is a bore. The series already blew its finest fight scene near the beginning of Reloaded when Neo fights off dozens of Smith clones, so here they bring in hundreds to....stand in a line and watch while Neo and the Uber-Smith hurtle through the sky at each other like my nephew playing with his Ninjago legos?

Can't wait for the new one.