Terrorizers ★★★★★

The easy saw on this film is that it's about the unknowable, tenuous nature of reality (famously Frederic Jameson called it "THE postmodern film"), but the more interesting take is that it's about the inscrutability of motivations. Rather than sitting around in existential malaise, its characters act: compulsively, inexplicably, and in the end tragically.

Certainly not the earliest link in the style that would come to be known as "hyperlink cinema", but feels like the godfather of so many 90s/early 2000s films of spiritual crisis and characters pinballing off of each other: Magnolia, Amores Perros, Chungking Express, Code Unknown...but where all those movies seem to find a sense of reassurance in the infinite web of human connection, Terrorizers sees no expansive possibilities in its characters' intersections. Instead, each interaction seems to lead to entropy.