A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★½

This movie is... interesting. Okay, lets recap. The first Nightmare On Elm Street had a low budget, and in many ways worked better for it. It had realistic dream sets which in many ways are very relatable. We've all had the kind of nightmare where you can't run. Or where you jump and end up somewhere completely different from where you once were. The second dealt with coming to terms with sexuality. The third brought back the first films character and tried to expand on Freddy's origins whilst tying everything up and introducing a sort of lucid dream idea to fight back against Krueger. The fourth... doesn't really do anything new or interesting. But it is interesting though.

Here's what i'm getting at. In the first 20 minutes it takes a great big 10 foot turd on the last installment, killing off the characters from that who we supported and rooted for the whole time, and just sort of shrugs them off to give an introduction to Freddy's new victims. This is really annoying and actually makes me want to turn it off. But whats so interesting that i keep watching? Well here's the thing. Its probably the best made in terms of... well production. All the dream sets, whilst being silly and a bit too fantasy like, are very elaborate and impressive. The effects are very well done and extremely memorable. This is again down to the budget which has once again been risen... but it still doesn't make everything else any better. The music is really good though. I'm writing this review bobbing my head to the closing credits and feeling like an 80's legend.

To sum up i came out of the movie feeling unfulfilled. Its just an interesting way to pass an hour and a half. Impressive to look at but... is that it? Is that the film? If i wanted impressive to look at, AND fulfilling, i'd just watch The Thing. But i'm not going to miss it out in a marathon, and its really well shot to give it that bit extra. It just could've been much better written, and it didn't have to kill off the characters from Dream Warriors just to make this. There are other ways of continuing the story. Use your brains instead of money motivation.

Oh also... I felt really sorry for the asthmatic bird.

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