This Is Not Berlin ★★★★½

A big 'fuck you' to those among the bourgeoisie who see themselves as leftists, socially conscious and intellectually superior but still do not use their privilege to actually improve the society they live in and engage in the very same acts they criticize using art as their scapegoat. The scene which gives name to the film is so powerful, when the guys yells and asks in the middle of the party what are they doing for their brothers dying of AIDS then questions why are they copying other countries's art rather than focus on real issues affecting their country and create their own vision, I was speechless. I admire how Hari Sama disguises the movie as this lovely and energetic journey of a straight boy discovering his true self in the Mexico of 1986 through the underground art scene only to unpack in the background through a continuous series of subtleties a harsh critique not only on machismo and conservatism but also on empty intellectualism while making poignant statements about queerness. We don't see it but as the credits roll the film let us know these kids definitely grew up to be today's bureaucrats and business men and to form part of the very same machine they claimed to be against.