Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

2021 ranked: boxd.it/aSLPO
guy ritchie ranked: boxd.it/7HXOa

everyone in this movie is fucking badass, jason statham is badass, Holt McCallany (he's called "bullet", how much more badass can you get) was badass, the thieves were badass, that blonde girl was badass, scott eastwood was badass, the rest of the crew were badass...
everyone kicked ass and some of them didn't even had to say nothing they just gave a look and i was like "fuck yeah" throughout the whole movie, i felt every gunshot and i looooved the intensity of the film, the action scenes were great, the score was intense as hell and i really liked some of the world building. i do think that in the second act the timelines and the pace get obliterated but afortunately the movie got drastically better in the third act. idk, i probably have a bias because this is a guy ritchie film, but i genuinely really liked this, i just had a ton of problems with the second act.

like it or not, guy ritchie's back bitches

fuck yeah

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