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  • Pickpocket



    You can almost see the flesh hanging off this skeleton of a film. I love Bresson's minimalism, but I wish he'd spent a bit more time sketching out the characters and their relationships. Michel felt like a kind of tabula rasa, which was maybe the point, but it made the ending feel unearned.

  • Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever


    Mostly frustrated by how much better this could have been.

    The body-horror take was a smart early-00s update to the zombie genre, but the film didn't commit to exploring the nature of sickness and group psychology, the richest avenues for cultural commentary. Perhaps Roth didn't have the subtlety for it, or (worse) didn't trust viewers to have the patience such a slow burn required. We didn't need chase scenes -- we needed more time with the characters.

    Then again, given the script and the acting, I'm not sure I needed that either.