WALL·E ★★★★

A beautifully made film that touches the heart in so many ways. This is by far one of Pixar's greatest and most enjoyable films. It follows a robot who is the last functioning waste disposal robot of its kind as it tries to clean up the earth, and ends up meeting a fellow, more modern robot, sent to earth in search of life so that the humans on a ship far away in the galaxy can come back and start again at life on earth, after they left it cluttered with waste. What follows is a heart-wrenchingly funny, sad and ultimately poignant tale about life, that touches on the serious notes of consumerism, our environment and technology.
One of the great aspects of the film is the minimal dialogue, especially in the first half an hour or so when all the communications said are 'wall-e', 'eve' and sounds the robots make, while the rest you work out from the body language of the two robots themselves. The animation is also very well done and looks fantastic, more so when the film ventures into space, where the animation and the cinematography match harmoniously with music. Thomas Newman provides another great score and when added to the film, hits the right emotion in every scene spectacularly.
The comedic element between Wall-E and EVE (and the other robots), holds the film together in certain places, while the perfectly written script does a superb job of showing the relationship between the two robots blossom so eloquently. In total, a family classic that will make everyone either laugh or cry at some point and one that everyone should see.

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