Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★½

Simultaneously both TV and Cinema. Both an auteurist’s vision, and a goofy CGI theme park ride. One of the most interesting experiments in modern cinema. A movie that would not exist without very specific circumstances. As far as big dumb comic book movies, this feels the most earnest and authentic. I don’t agree with the assessment that superhero comics are modern myth, but they’ve always had roots in mythological story telling. The biggest difference between Marvel and DC to me was that Marvel is mainly based on pulp scifi stories while DC was far more fantasy. Snyder showcases this by making something that pays homage to fantasy epics, with lengthy exposition scenes out of 300, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, or Frank Frazetta artwork. If Batman v Superman is a misguided attempt at a graphic novel in the form of a film, this is a more successful attempt at creating a cinematic limited series crossover event.

The 4:3 ratio still feels odd for a large genre film like this, but it’s used properly by making the heroes dominate the frame. My expectations may have been too high as I expected this to be a complete arc, but it’s only half of one. Having the apocalypse scene teased as another vision yet again is frustrating. I didn’t want to wait another movie for that scene in BVS to make more sense. Steppenwolf and Cyborg still look like graphics cards, I think I actually prefer the Steppenwolf design from the Whedon film. I really don’t think Whedon should be shamed for doing a bad job on an impossible task for a movie that wasn’t his, he should instead be shamed for the movies he did make like Age of Ultron.

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