Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

The first 30 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy, bar the opening scene set to 'Come and Get Your Love' and the scene on Earth, is really not great. It's boring, exposition-heavy, and is there simply to set up the characters, not to mention it feels like an hour.

After that though, Guardians is my favourite Marvel movie.

The Marvel films mostly have not had an issue with taking themselves too seriously. The first 'serious' Marvel film that was really good in my opinion was Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which wasn't serious in the modern comic book sense, but in the sense that it took its own plot seriously and became a great spy thriller without sacrificing comic relief.

Guardians isn't that. It barely takes itself seriously. What it aims to be is 130 minutes of fun, pulpy space adventure. It manages about 100 of those minutes, but considering how much fucking fun those 100 minutes are, I don't take that many points off of it.

Despite the silly tone, there's some great character work going on here. Rocket Raccoon is probably my favourite, just because they make him such a believable embittered asshole who holds back a lot of pain and torment in his life, and thus has a short fuse and doesn't take shit from anyone. Just from some dialogue tics, character design, and one impressive drunken rant.

Guardians of the Galaxy is what all popcorn flicks should be aiming to be, not Transformers, not Harry Potter, no not even The Dark Knight (*cough*Man of Steel*cough*). Guardians of the Galaxy, a movie about a bunch of D-list Marvel superheroes fighting D-list Marvel villains. To 1970s pop music.

And it took $425 million worldwide.

This has been a good year.


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