Tenet ★★½

Me, conducting an interview with Christopher Nolan:

Me: Hi Mr. Nolan, so your new movie, Tenet-
Nolan: It's about Time.
Me: Right yes. That much seemed clear from the trailer. I'm sure you don't want to spoil anything about the movie so I'm just gonna let you share what you want about the movie. Will audiences be confused?
Nolan: Well. You see.

Nolan: What do you not get?
Me: Sorry Mr. Nolan, I can't really hear you very well with all these trucks whizzing by and the chatters of the pedestrians. Can we go somewhere else?

Me: Mr. Nolan, I don't know why you thought this is a better place for us to have a conversation.
Nolan: Yes it's a palindrome.
Me: What?
Nolan: What do you not get?
Me: I can't hear anything you're saying!
Nolan: Well, you see.
Me: See? Should I just give up listening to the dialogue and just marvel at the action sequences instead? Is that what you've been getting at during this interview?
Nolan: It's about time.

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