Tenet ★★★½

Watching this with a banging head cold was not the best idea. Equally exciting and incomprehensible in its action, Nolan wraps a straightforward macguffin in convoluted plot and esoteric ideas. If you liked Inception, but thought it could’ve done with less dreams and more time travel then you’re in luck. If you watched La Jetee or Primer, but though it needed more James Bond, you’re in luck. It’s got your loud Nolan Noises. I think he’s settled into a style, both script and audio/visual, so you know what you’re getting by now really. It’s complicated and meticulously written with thrilling set-pieces, yet still feels Nolan by numbers. Robert Pattinson is very good as usual, but I cared nothing for anyone else, least of all Elizabeth Debicki’s Kat, who is lumbered with risible dialogue about her son when told about the oncoming apocalypse.

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