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  • John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum


    Expertly crafted, high octane, neon brutal lunacy: full of shotguns and horse kicks to head, creative gunplay and remorseless yet refined hand-to-hand combat. Loved the early fight where they just keep finding more and more knives on shelves to throw at each other for 5 minutes, like some kind of ultra violent Looney Tunes. 
    Confirmed Destroyed Dick count:6

  • The Unnamable II

    The Unnamable II


    The Old Hairy Winged Woman returns along with Clotheless Sexy Woman in this Lovecraft sequel based the short story of the same name. I only watched the first film last year, but I can’t remember it. This one does seem to start at the immediate end of the preceding film, which I always enjoy - so points for that. Points too for the terrible dream apparition that gives a nice chunk of exposition for no reason and the female cop…

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  • Dagon



    A dark and atmospheric first half gives way to over-the-top, Deep-One worshipping mad cultists. The tonal shift just about works and the cult is well realised but I would’ve liked to have seen the slow building of tension be held just a little longer. Gordon knows his Lovecraft though and it adapts Shadow over Innsmouth and other parts of the mythos, despite some very cheap cgi tentacles, creating a sense of palpable dread and eventually building towards an effective conveyance…

  • Sorcerer



    Friedkin’s Exorcist follow up eschews the outlandish and shocking horror of that film, providing instead something very real and raw: fate, destiny, existential discovery and hellish journeys. 

    A prologue shows four disparate narratives focusing on four men, including Roy Scheider’s Jackie Scanlon, living on the precipice of existence: not heroes, but flawed men who are real, as Friedkin says. The four are forced to become ghosts, living in war torn South America, amidst social political unrest, brought together by fate…