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  • Under the Rainbow

    Under the Rainbow

    My review, just like this movie, is short on laughs and sensitivity. Just a tiny bit.

  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

    Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution


    Documentary of the year! A fantastically told story about a very overlooked subject. The film is wonderfully woven together by two halves; the first about the camp itself and subsequently how the campers' lives were changed forever and how some revolutionized the system and created more visibility for those in need. Drop everything and go watch CRIP CAMP.

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  • I Start Counting

    I Start Counting


    This was a nice recent discovery of a (mostly) coming of age British film mixed with a creepy serial killer on the loose vibe lurking in the background. The lovely and talented Jenny Agutter (WALKABOUT, LOGAN'S RUN) stars as a 14-year-old middle-class girl named Wynne dealing with her sexual awakening amidst her town transitioning from its older village ways into a more modern surrounding and the local police looking for clues as dead bodies of young women keep showing up.…

  • Deadlock



    DEADLOCK (1970) is a great neo "acid" western involving three men fighting over a suitcase full of stolen cash. The action takes place in a forgotten ghost town in the desert "in the middle of nowhere." There's also a young mute woman wandering about, obsessed with one of the men, and her nymphomaniac mother looking for trouble. Putting the simple plot and familiar tropes aside, this film is sundrenched in atmosphere providing a lot of heady space in each frame. Great cinematography and a sparse but effective score by one of my all-time favorite groups, THE CAN!