Citizen Kane ★★

Not sure if I should attribute my lack of focus while watching this to the actual content of the film or to the fact that it's New Year's and I had already imbibed a bit too much before deciding to start off my own personal 2019 in Film by finally watching Citizen Kane.

(Or, well, to the fact that Lauren Lapkus called it boring in an episode of Threedom and that maybe her take left a bigger impression on my subconscious than I had originally thought.)

I've been much more deeply intoxicated while watching something than I was with this, and have still had a much easier time blocking out distraction...

(Write something with a semblance of intelligence and relevance to the movie you're supposed to be reviewing, you idiot. No, piss off, it's called a diary, write a diary entry. Just spew out a bunch of words, ya dingbat. Why would you ever, under any circumstances, write an academic, legitimate review for a doofy social media site?)

(Angel on one side, demon on the other. Demon always wins. Demon's got that liquid courage, they've got that strength on their side!)

('s no wonder why "crazy" has been levied against me for so long...)

(Strangers lmao)

Uhhhhh, anyway, this rating can absolutely be considered provisional. Definitely not one that I feel totally confident about. Maybe a resolution I should make is to stop assigning star ratings on letterboxd dot com. Maybe I need to get the fuck off of social media altogether.

( Citizen Kane just not as great as it's made out to be...? Fuck, dude. Go to bed. Or settle into your comfort zone and watch the Big Lebowski. I don't know. I don't know much of anything. Here's to a new year! Here's to a new you! Citizen Kane! Orson Welles! What are ya doing, buddy?! Not much has changed.)

It's 2019 now, and I'm ready for the bad things to come but I am gonna make it through this year, if it kills me.