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  • Long Day's Journey Into Night

    Long Day's Journey Into Night


    Feels like a modern-day Tarkovsky film with neon-lit cityscapes, Chinese people/characters that I can actually differentiate, and a more direct narrative focusing on a love story. This was made just for me. The first time I watched this film, I had seen zero Tarkovsky films. Revisiting after completing Tarkovsky's filmography only made me appreciate this more. There are some superficial references to Stalker in this film, but more than anything, it reminded me of Mirror due to its fragmented nature…

  • Music and Lyrics

    Music and Lyrics


    The perfect rom-com. The one that started it all. I watched this when I was much younger and it sparked my love for these kind of guilty pleasures. For a whole year of 2011, all I pretty much watched were rom-coms.

    I won't even deny that this is extremely formulaic. Boy meets girl in some super weird way (she waters his plants LMAO) but they hit it off right away. Slowly they fall in love, but there's obviously an ex…

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  • Patton


    While I'm not actively watching all best picture winners, I'm at least interested in checking out some of the more famous ones. I feel like this was one of my biggest blind spots, and while I'm happy to have checked this off my list, my god... this felt like forever.

    Patton (the person) is clearly the equivalent of the guy who longs for the "good old days". He treats soldiers as chess pieces rather than actual humans, and the soldier's…

  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2

    Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2


    I feel like the dude could have just taken the elevator. There are an ungodly amount of stunts in this film for a rom-com. This shit rivals Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in its tower-scaling sequence.

    This one substitutes the frog symbolism in the first one with an octopus that can determine certain aspects of the future. Probably my least favorite Johnnie To right now. Not to say it's bad, but I find a lot of the rom-com cliches and contrivances…

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  • Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

    Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion


    Absolutely nobody:
    Ennio Morricone: BOINGGGGGGGGGGG

    Super interesting premise and ideas but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed by the end result. I can't blame the filmmakers though; I think Elio Petri made exactly the film he wanted to make. This is really different from a standard whodunit, where instead of trying to find the killer, the killer is revealed in the first scene and we spend the rest of the film wondering why nobody is arresting this…

  • Minari



    Essential viewing, especially for Asian-Americans. Our parents made infinite sacrifices for us to be here today. They came to America without knowing a word of English. They gave up the security of being in their home country so that we could have a better life. At some point in their lives, they had their own dreams they wanted to pursue; some were lucky and were able to achieve their goals, but others, not so much.

    Jacob Yi is one of…