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  • Mr Foley

    Mr Foley


    A fun little short from the directors of Extra Ordinary. Some nice use of sound, as the title may suggest.

  • Extra Ordinary

    Extra Ordinary


    I feel I was a little harsh on this the first time I saw it. I mean, I still gave it a very solid 8 out of 10, but I enjoyed it so much this time that I feel even that is a bit harsh. I honestly think that this is the best horror comedy since Shaun of the Dead, and to be completely honest, I think it might actually be even better than Shaun.

    What hit me this time…

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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    I'd been looking forward to this since I saw a sneak preview of some footage at frightfest. I felt it could go either way, either I was going to be really absorbed in the film and love it, or I was going to find it to be a pretentious and just really not get it. It seems that most reviews of this seem to fall in one of those categories and I was glad to find it absolutely superb.

  • Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I've seen Jacobs Ladder a few times now and the thing I noticed the most this time around, was the fact that the fact he is actually dead is alluded to so often. It's an obvious observation, but one I hadn't taken note of quite so much on previous watches. I don't recall the first time I saw the film, but I can't imagine I saw the ending coming.

    Also on this watch, I really took in the grimy New…