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  • A Street Cat Named Bob
  • Kedi
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?
  • When the Wind Blows

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  • Loki


  • Pig


  • Jungle Cruise


  • Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two


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  • Loki



    Loki is the third of the MCU shows on Disney+ and it’s hands down the best one yet, it took me awhile to finally sit down and actually come up with a review for this show due to figuring out what I ultimately felt about this series. Let’s start with the performances which I thought were all really strong, Tom Hiddleston once again does a fantastic job as Loki and arguably the best he’s played Loki in the MCU so…

  • Pig



    I know that I am very late with this review but I’ve been thinking about Michael Sarnoski’s directional debut Pig for a few weeks now. Pig takes a very simple premise and expands more and more on it to the point where it completely turns into something you weren’t expecting at all. Going into this movie I only knew the simple premise which was the plot which basically said “Nicolas Cage’s pig got stolen now he tries to find who…

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  • Lava



    Y’all are pressed over a singing Volcano.

  • The Silence

    The Silence

    What happens when you take A Quiet Place, Bird Box and half of The Mist Remake and then tack on objectively the worst horror movie director working today John R. Leonetti and then mixing it with two writers who wrote some Asylum films and Chernobyl Diaries? You get one of the worst movies of the year, before anyone says “the book came out before A Quiet Place” yes I know that but the only reason why this movie was released…