After a first watch, this was confusing in all of the wrong ways. It felt like I was watching a foreign film with no subtitles. I could've taken a long [Inverted] crap and understand the movie just as well as I did having actually watched it. πŸ’€ (For most scenes anyways)

Before I give it a proper review/score, i definitely need to watch it again. But my initial thoughts aren't too postive. A cool mind boggling concept and a good ending doesn't make up for simple things that can come together and make movies great, which Nolan seemingly forgot. This movie lacked emotional depth and scenes, the dialogue fell flat, so did most of the action. Sure it was cool but there was always a layer of confusion and for me personally the first and second act wS just an overall L. I didn't know what I was watching. πŸ’” I want to like it and I hope I can, but I don't see it climbing it's way out of being one of, if not Nolan's worst.

PS: I got Netflix Original TV Series "Dark" vibes from some of this, I strongly recommend it! I'm finishing up the third season now and it's easily my favorite show to come out of Netflix. πŸ‘‘

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