Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

I enjoyed this movie. It was interesting how they used a non-linear narrative. The score was great, and theres something about Guy Ritchie’s style I’ll always find fun. However, the characters, and the entire dynamic at the armored truck company was very cheesy and unrealistic. It made it hard for me to get into the movie for almost the entire first act. But it slowly started winning me over as it went. I found the ending way too convenient. He’s basically handed everything he had been searching for on a silver platter. Would’ve liked to see Jerry Garcia given more to do. The reveal of who the mole is was pretty predictable, and the actions of that character towards his coworkers at the end made no sense. He was way too brutal, and that wasn’t earned really, IMO. But it’s a fun watch and I recommend it to fans of shoot-em-up movies.