Held ★★½

Couples therapy brought to you by Jigsaw commingles with the #MeToo movement in “Held,” a single-location thriller that only looks like a routine home-invasion exercise. Instead, it wants to be a film for this cultural moment and comment on the female experience of being subjugated. The fact that writer Jill Awbrey (who also stars) uses her perspective within a voyeuristic horror-movie infrastructure to talk about gender roles and patriarchal ideals for her first feature script is ambitious for sure. Helming Awbrey’s script is filmmaking team Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff, who cut their teeth in the found-footage horror arena with 2015’s “The Gallows,” but they only slightly better their debut with this sophomore effort in terms of thematic content and an angry point-of-view. For as conceptually interesting as it is, "Held" bites off more than it can chew with its boldly imagined angle and suffers somewhat from a feeble lead performance.

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