Favourites are films I’ve been thinking about recently 

My all-time favourite film is Blue Velvet xxxxx

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  • A New Leaf

    A New Leaf


    So dry, horrible and hilarious 

    Can’t help feel a little sad knowing the troubled production - I’d love to see a 3 hour cut with a little murder!

  • Exotica



    The head of my film department suggested me this about a year ago now, he said it would be right up my alley and I feel so dumb for only just watching it now! 

    I cannot believe how utterly sad this film is! And yet it doesn’t feel miserable? It’s almost cathartic

    It’s intoxicating and beautiful just wow. Ordering the blu ray right away

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  • The Holy Girl

    The Holy Girl


    I realised Dr Jano looked like Quentin Tarantino about half way through and that ruined that.

  • Tenet



    For the first 90 minutes I felt like I had no idea what was happening and then for the last 60 I felt like I sort of knew what was happening???

    Also it was so fucking LOUD but still couldn’t make out half of the dialogue loool

    Anyway, good suits