Twin Peaks: The Return ★★★★★

"Is it future, or is it past?”

Tonight I sat down and rewatched my 6 favourite parts (1, 2, 8, 16, 17, 18) of TP The Return in two sittings.

I would say it was one of the most enriching viewing experiences I'll ever have in my life.

Twin Peaks is about a lot of things but it's vital that the series begins and ends with Laura Palmer. "Laura is the one"

Laura herself represents innocence, she’s the teenager everyone wants to be friends with until you look under the skin and see how her life really is. She delivers food to the elderly, she tutors Josie in English, she helps the disabled, but she’s also a prostitute, a drug addict and a rape victim. With Laura, Lynch shows viewers that the idealised innocence that you see on TV isn’t real, it’s a fantasy. We care about Laura, not by seeing her do anything, but by others finding information out about her, she’s immortal in the fact that people will forever remember her. "I am dead, yet I live" Laura is Lynch's fuck you to studios mistreatment of females in the film and television industry.

Laura isn't just a murder victim, she's a person and that is what is so vital about not solving the mystery of who killed her.

With ABC's chokehold over TP season 2, Laura's killer was revealed and by giving away that sacred information, Laura became just another victim you'd see on TV.

Who killed Laura Palmer? What did Laura whisper to Coop? Some questions are better off left unanswered.

What do we watch on TV? CSI, FBI, Border Control, The Fugitive etcetera. The mindless audience of the 90’s cancelled Twin Peaks because they’d rather watch these shows. Coop says it himself "we live inside a dream," we're all hypocrites as much as we might say otherwise.

Lynch corrects Laura's legacy with The Return and with it, the shows legacy. An 18-hour love letter to this world, its characters and its audience. It's Lynch's best work and if he were to ever make a season 4, he has proven himself to be capable of living up to 27 years worth of expectations.

I think Audrey’s dance at the end of Part 16 is my favourite scene of any TV show, film or anything. 

Twin Peaks is my favourite piece of art of all time. It will continue to inspire generations of future viewers and have its legacy sustained forever.

To Lynch and Frost, may The Fireman and Mike protect you.

But in all seriousness, "what year is this?"

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