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"The past dictates the future.“

- A review of Twin Peaks: The Return (Season 3) -

How to even begin to review Twin Peaks: The Return. To say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement. Lynch and Frost, perfectly continue the Twin Peaks world and give it a new edge that takes the iconic series to new heights.

I guess to start this review, I must talk about the show’s ambiguity. To anyone looking to watch the show, I urge you to keep extremely focused and attended, this is not the series for the blind eye. In order to fully understand the series, you must use your brain at all times. This is an acquitted taste, for sure, but after you watch a few episodes, you catch on quite quickly. But I adore this type of storytelling. Very few filmmakers respect you as a viewer as much as David Lynch. This man allows, YOU, to find the meaning in his work and I love it. The ending of the series especially is very… um… fascinating to say the least. It may be my favourite ending to a series since Breaking Bad.

Now I guess I’ll talk about the performances. Kyle MacLachlan is even better than he was in any other Twin Peaks season. Here, he doesn’t just play one character (Dale Cooper), but two, or maybe three, or wait… 4, oh maybe 5? I don’t know, a lot. All I’ll say is that I haven’t been so compelled in a character in ages. It’s an excellent performance that will stay in my mind forever. The series is full of a large array of guest characters and fan favourites from Twin Peaks. My favourite of which were, David Lynch returning as Gordon Cole, Naomi Watts as a new character Janey-E, Sheryl Lee returning as Laura Palmer, Dana Ashbrook returning as Bobby Briggs, Sherilyn Fenn returning as Audrey Horne and Laura Dern who plays a new character that I’d rather be left a surprise to the viewer. All of them are fantastic but I cannot give enough praise to Dern, Lynch and Fenn, who all are some of my favourite supporting characters in any form of cinema/TV. Gordon Cole was my favourite character from the original Twin Peaks so seeing Lynch back in the iconic role brought a lot of joy to my heart.

The central mystery of the series is incredibly captivating and the credit must go to Mark Frost and David Lynch, once again. It has been often said by the part that Mark Frost is the storyteller and David Lynch is the artist and the two of them writing the cooperation between the two on this series is just so commendable. The fact that the pair were able to not just capture the iconic style of the series but add so much more to it is just so brilliant. I cannot give these two men more praise for the brilliant artistry behind the scenes. Do be prepared for a lot and I mean a lot of unanswered questions. But also be really prepared to uncover (most) of your questions from the original Twin Peaks, some of which will not be what you expect. Quite a few actors from the original series did not return for this season, Lynch and Frost do not spend any time to give you the details of what has happened to them and I am totally fine with that, it would have been a waste of valuable screen-time. If you wish to find out what happened to them, Mark Frost has made a follow-up book detailing most of your looming questions, so do not worry.

Now, I want to give some praise to the series’ soundtrack, sound design and the cinematography. The score by Angelo Badalamenti is back and better than ever. What I think is so great about the score is how Badalamenti weaponises nostalgia in the best possible way. He doesn’t overuse classic Twin Peaks themes, like in the massively overrated scores for the new Star Wars films, he uses them in the exact right moment. The use of Audrey’s theme in a particular scene in episode 16, (if you’ve seen the show you know what I’m referring to), left me teary-eyed and with goosebumps, it is perhaps my favourite moment of the entire series and I will talk about it more in my favourite moments at the end of this review. And the sound design, famously done by Lynch himself, suits the series so well. The use of electricity throughout, invoking numerous themes I don’t want to ruin. The sound design of episode 8 is remarkable, I don’t want to ruin what episode 8 is about but, it sure is a sight to behold, it is probably one of my favourite hours of television of my life.

In conclusion, Twin Peaks The Return is one of my favourite experiences of my life. I’m so grateful that I was able to spend the last two months or so in the world of Twin Peaks and I pray that there will be a season 4 somewhere down the line, although I doubt that very much. Thank you so much, David Lynch and Mark Frost for this brilliant season!


If you haven’t seen this season, even if you aren’t going to, I urge you to not read this next portion, it is the spoiler warning of a lifetime.

Now, for you all still reading here, I felt the urge to share with you, my top fifteen moments of Twin Peaks: The Return.

1. Audrey’s Dance

2. "I am the FBI”

3. The Atomic Bomb Explotion

4. Gordon Cole’s Dream

5. Bobby Sees Laura’s Picture

6. "What the hell?”

7. "He’s dead.”


9. Dianne’s Confession and Trip To The Black Lodge

10. The Final Scene

11. Cooper Saves Laura

12. Hutch and Chantal's Death

13. Sarah Palmer At The Bar

14. First Episode Intro

15. The Sweeping Scene


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