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  • Raising Arizona
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Crime Wave
  • A Married Couple

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  • Drive

  • Walking the Edge

  • River's Edge

  • Perfect Blue

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  • Drive


    Brittany Murphy is the MVP in this but Mark and Kadeem do a pretty solid job too. Lot of really fun HK-style action choreography on a budget (I especially loved the homage to the motorcycles in Hard Boiled).

    Funny that Rush Hour came out the next year. In a perfect world this spawned a bunch of goofy sequels, and replaced the Rush Hour films completely.

    Oh! And has there ever been a better in-movie TV show than "Walter, the Einstein Frog"?

  • Walking the Edge

    Walking the Edge

    How had I never heard of this before? A low budget crime film starring Robert Forster and Joe Spinell... It would have needed to be pretty damn bad for me to not like it.

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