Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★

Any lightheartedness or comic relief that appeared in David Lynch's masterful two seasons of Twin Peaks is lost in this prequel.

This is solely the finished tale of Laura Palmer that Lynch never got the chance to do once his show was cancelled. Some people may say that the second season lost its path or influence, but I may have adored it even more than the first season. There came a point and time in the second season where the original tale of Laura Palmer was not talked about anymore, and "Fire Walk with Me" is an endearing and heartfelt way to finish her story for us.

This isn't a perfect film, at least I don't think so upon a first viewing. There are muddled scenes, especially the very beginning, scenes that don't provide any propulsion or focus to the drama of the film. Neither Bobby's, Shelly's, Donna's, nor Dale Cooper's appearances leave much of a mark at all. They are merely background noise. This is Laura Palmer's show, and what a harrowing way for her to leave us.

As in the show, there are heavy symbols of innocence lost, but now there are an abundance, and these are the most sincere moments on display. Colorful images of a nearly forgotten childhood layer with Angelo Badalamenti's unfailingly moving score to paint the art of a vanished and happy youth. These tenderly surreal moments make the ending only more terrifying and heartbreaking.

If you are a huge fan of Twin Peaks like me, and feel as if Laura Palmer's time on stage lacked a complete conclusion, and you can look past the meaningless first half hour, I hope you are able to see the profound messages through the bright colors and evocative music.

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