Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant

Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant ★★½

This is the first of a series that grew more ambitious as it went along, but unfortunately there is not much to this one. Footage from HULK is recirculated and book-ended by talkiness. The saving grace is that the talking is mainly done by Agent Coulson and that is almost always fun. This trifle did cause me to ponder the extent to which a lot of the Marvel films up to this were influenced by Tarantino and the extended riffing at the diner here is no exception. I'm also thinking of Iron Man enjoying his Randys Donut just before joining Nick Fury over a Formica table or Thor and Jane repairing to the rooftop.

This is perhaps the slightest of the Marvel One-Shot's but it is still worth a watch (it also helps fill in some gaps if you missed the post-credit sequence from THE HULK).