Constantine ★★★★

Speed will always be my favorite Keanu movie, but this is my favorite performance of his so far, and it helps that he’s surrounded by Rachel Weisz, Tilda Swinton, Shia LaBeouf, Pruitt Taylor Vince (my favorite use of how he can move his eyes, next to Identity), Djimon Hounsou (“You dare?! In my house?!”), Gavin Rossdale (I’m still surprised by that) and last, but certainly not least, Peter Stormare as my favorite version of Lucifer on screen. 

I appreciate that it’s an effects heavy movie, but it’s a very small story overall, where the last 30+ minutes takes place in three rooms of a hospital, and I say small story even though it’s about Lucifer’s son trying to take over earth. 

I still want a sequel, especially after that post-end credits scene with Chas, and if they do, let’s keep it out of the current DCEU and let it be it’s own thing.

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