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  • Apocalypse Now
  • No Country for Old Men
  • Evil Dead II
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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  • To Catch a Thief


  • Rear Window


  • Spellbound


  • Notorious


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  • Jasper Mall

    Jasper Mall


    "Thank you so much for shopping with us over the years."

    The circle of life as reflected through the prism of a small-town shopping mall an hour from where I grew up. It's all here, but everything must go.

    Documentarians truly are the prospectors of the film industry, and these two directors dug up some golden moments, all the while keeping it in service of a bigger picture. An old domino hound eagerly waiting to meet his maker. A little…

  • The Death of Dick Long

    The Death of Dick Long


    [Seen at the 2019 Sidewalk Film Festival]

    “Y’all motherfuckers wanna get weird?”

    This is the most Alabama film of all time. I’m so goddamn proud of all my friends and acquaintances.

    Five stars and five bars.

Recent reviews

  • Malignant



    “No, maybe you need to stop getting pregnant.”

    The performances are pretty wooden and the dialogue is pretty uninspired and the visual effects are a bit sloppy and the final moment is super corny, but James Wan really said “What if we remade [spoiler] but with a studio budget?” and I have to respect it because it’s his most interesting idea in years (maybe ever?).

    Genuinely want to rewatch this with a commentary from Wan. I have many questions. (Most of which he wouldn’t answer, I’m sure.)

  • Annette



    “As you see I have sympathy for the abyss.”

    I saw this in the theater with my friend Anton and afterward a woman named Carol approached us and she said “I don’t think I got it” and she asked “Did you understand the ending?” and then later she added “I’m glad my husband didn’t come to see this with me” and I think that’s how everyone should experience Annette.

Popular reviews

  • Bomb City

    Bomb City


    [Seen at the 2017 Nashville Film Festival]

    "You made them, America. What did you expect?"

    This film affected me, man.

    I was not familiar with the true story of Brian Deneke, but had we lived in the same town, our paths might've crossed. I was born seven years later, but I grew up going to punk rock shows in Birmingham at Cave 9 and the Boiler Room and the Two-Way and anywhere that would have us. I didn't dress quite…

  • The History of the Seattle Mariners

    The History of the Seattle Mariners


    "Why? These are the Seattle Mariners. We'll never be able to answer 'why' questions. When, what, who? Sure, we can help you with those questions. But not 'why.'"

    An absolute heel-turn of a palate cleanser after coming down from The Last Dance. That was a mega-popular stroll down memory lane for a beloved dynasty; this is a niche and unbiased excavation of the uber-weirdness of a team with a cult following despite never even sniffing a World Series. The yin…