Tenet ★★★★★

What then? Fate?

... Reality.

While I didn't catch everything the first time through, as is normal for a Nolan film, I got most of it and I loved it. Tenet is a Nolan movie to a "T" as every one of his "-isms" are present and at play.

The concept of the film is as imaginary as can be and incredibly thought through. Nolan has played with time before, but never like this and no one has ever played with a concept like this. It's one you could think up, but one you would quickly give up on due to its complexities. However, where you'd put it down, Nolan clearly picked it up and ran with it, determined to make it work for his will.

Setups and payoffs in traditional narrative sense abound and work even better with Tenet's concept. Motivations are blurred and much like The Protagonist, it's best to simply go with things until they're clear as they certainly will be.

While Washington, Pattinson and Branagh are all great here, it's Debicki that does the most heavy lifting (and she succeeds) as she acts as the emotional core of the film and moral tether for The Protagonist in a world where fate and reality for reality's sake are pawns to be played with for a desired outcome no matter the personal cost.

While I love Tenet, my sole criticism for the film lies with the audio aspect and how characters' conversations are handled. Between the music, various accents, eating, mumbling and dramatic whispering, it became trickier to follow than I believe intended.

Thankfully, Washington's The Protagonist tends to sum up the conversation of a scene and the next scene usually happens as a direct result of the previous in such a way that I was able to piece together in hindsight what I might have missed as what they'd talked about prior played out right before my eyes.

My brain is still trying to wrap itself around everything I just saw so a revisit is, without a doubt, in order.

If you're a Nolan fan, you're in for a treat. For all others, pay attention and watch a creative go wild.

I'd give it a 4 1/2, but I know that it'll be a 5 by the time I've seen it twice... even though that hasn't happened yet.

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