The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★

To be completely honest, I thought this movie was gonna suck, and to my surprise, it didn’t. The Invisible Man was actually WAY better than it should’ve ever been. The thing I appreciated the most in this film was most definitely the camera work. I loved how Elizabeth Moss would talk to no one and the camera would pan over to someone who we can’t see. That little detail keeps you on edge for the whole film because just like our protagonist, we can’t see what’s going to happen next. I also thought the storyline wasn’t too bad, I actually liked our main character and sympathized with her for the most part. One of my issues with this film is that there are scenes in the movie where the whole thing could have been over halfway through. Without spoiling, there’s a scene that takes place in a public area that could’ve totally been caught on camera that would’ve probably ended this movie. There’s also some stupid horror movie tropes, and all that other stuff, but it honestly didn’t ruin my experience whatsoever. I had a lot of fun with a Invisible Man, with flaws and all, and I bet a lot of you would too. It’s a good film with awesome invisibility scenes and all the stupid stuff you expect from horror film is there too. I recommend this one for people who just wanna have fun and watch a popcorn flick. It isn’t the best my any means but it’s worth that price of admission. 

8/10: GREAT.

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