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  • Rocky



    It’s clear why Rocky caught the nations hearts back in 1976. Fat City, released 4 years earlier, another boxing comeback film of sorts, portrayed the relentless cycle of poverty, alcoholism, and unhappiness that prevents the main character from breaking out and making a name for himself. Rocky on the other hand is an uplifting success story through and through. I love Fat City, but it’s obvious that the public were in dire need of a working class character like Rocky…

  • The Mask

    The Mask


    The Mask is more important in cinema history than Citizen Kane.

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  • Bad Ben

    Bad Ben


    Well I watched Citizen Kane for the first time yesterday, and I couldn’t think of a better film to follow it up with than Bad Ben. Me and my dad have been mocking this movie for a couple of years. We always come across it when scrolling through Amazon Prime and both the title and the premise seem so silly we always crack up about it, especially the title of one of the sequels, Badder Ben. But after being insanely…

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    I decided to be a nerd and chose my 800th film on Letterboxd to be Citizen Kane. However, I just realised I forgot to mark the first two Alvin and the Chipmunks films as ‘watched’ so it’s technically my 802th film. Oh well. Anyway, I enjoyed Citizen Kane! Its status as a classic had me scared, I disliked It’s a Wonderful Life despite it’s iconic status and I feared the same for this. Thankfully I was wrong. This was surprisingly…

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  • When a Stranger Calls Back

    When a Stranger Calls Back


    What a superb follow up to the first film! Although the intro isn’t as iconic as the original, it’s still incredibly suspenseful and scary. However, what the sequel does best is the great writing to create a satisfying story. In the original the middle part is a total bore, but this time around we’re treated to a fast paced thriller storyline in the same tone as the first 30 minutes.

    Carol Kane is absolutely outstanding in her role, and absolutely…

  • Alien



    Absolutely genius. Alien had me hooked from start to finish - and I’m not surprised considering how iconic it is in film history. I don’t think I’ve encountered many other horror films that had me genuinely on edge for such a long time. Even writing this not long after watching it, my heart is still racing. The tension in this is so subtle it’s brilliant. It builds so slowly until the big shock around 50 minutes, but doesn’t once feel…