Man with a Movie Camera

Man with a Movie Camera ★★★★

Inspiring, beautiful, rapid, poetic, crazy, funny, horny, inventive, and overall great across the board. 

This film really does inspire me to make films. More so documentaries. Which after I spend more time in film school I’m learning that I really like making them. The spontaneity of capturing everything and presenting it in an aesthetically pleasing manner makes the film feel like the artistic process many artists go through. It’s very much the same way Jackson Pollock would go about making a painting. Much like a Pollock it is visually overwhelming and stimulating. Every frame captures your attention even if it’s the most mundane actions. The pacing of the film makes the whole film work since it never stops to take break. It is constantly moving and constantly throwing something new at you.

I adore films about filmmaking so much.

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