Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★½

Why did it have to be snakes” 

A fun adventure story about finding ancient religious artifacts with one of the most badass character of the 80’s. Raiders of the Lost Ark is a well-crafted, beautiful constructed film that manages to balance humor, action and mystery simultaneously without losing it’s focus. 

The cast is amazing and memorable. It’s a no-brainer that Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones is perfect. With his cowboy hat, slick outfit, and cool whip, Indiana Jones is one of the badass looking characters ever put to screen. The other cast members are also amazing. Jones’s ex girlfriend Marion, is fantastic and her relationship with him is spot-on. Shoutout to  Sallah, Jones’s best friend, and Belloq, Jones’s evil nemesis. They both are awesome. 

The film uses mostly practical effects and real constructed sets to bring a sense of realism to every tomb Indiana Jones’s comes across. The settings all have a dirty and gritty look to it. The action scenes in this film are very well done. While it can be cheesy at times, it doesn’t ruin the emergence. Each explosion and punch feels real. The Nazis are all one dimensional which makes the viewer feel no sympathy when something happens to them. It’s great.  In conclusion, a fun classic adventure film that is a must-see.