Tenet ★★★

Wasn’t too hot on this one. The plot is pretty much impossible to follow - not because of any confusing concepts, but because the dialogue is damn near incomprehensible. It’s some of the worst sound mixing I’ve ever heard. It’s like everyone is Bane from DKR before they had to fix his voice in post.

Here’s a new character with a fun accent mumble mumble spy this time that secret agent mumbo jumbo now we’re at a set piece and you don’t know why

The time inversion shit hadn’t even kicked in before I was totally lost. Characters are cool and hot and wear fancy suits but you won’t care about a single one.

That said, it looks stunning and those set pieces are incredible and the time inversion concept is so cool that it saves this otherwise pretty lifeless spy film.

I used to think Pattinson was ugly so I think I had a more complete arc than any of these characters