• Enemy



    that putrid jaundiced colour grading really has me dying inside

    much 2 think about but im currently fried

  • Mylène Farmer: Que mon coeur lâche

    Mylène Farmer: Que mon coeur lâche

    sometimes its fine to think that french pop songs are really bad

    bessons industrialist hand doing some real deadlifts with the material here, and he clearly loves the idea of a woman with cosmic orange hair wearing some décollete white clothing, but it just feels like a video on an enhanced CD that no one ever seen

  • Terminus


    fairly gallant attempt at something like a Mad Max version of Sorcerer but with a nite-club french-deco futurism like Besson's Subway or something. Written just about as poorly as you can imagine, and replete with pacing issues that stretches this fucker out to 5 minutes shy of TWO hours, but theres still something mesmerizing about this particular style of euro-cyberism (the truck looks like Gill's truck from Brazil (1984) but with an onboard computer that has a moving pair of…

  • Beast



    Fly with the crows, get shot with them.

  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    look at big me. giving something so avariciously beautiful as Barry Lyndon 3.5 stars. me wearing a 25-year old Spalding jumper and adidas sambas on, as if im the arbiter of cinema while i dress like a windowcleaner.
    I do love Barry Lyndon though. Its painterly softnesses and absurdity.
    the life of a lying bastard who falls into the wealthy mechanisms of falling upwardly. a beautiful reminder that we're as close to our past as we ever were. the charlatan…

  • Outland



    Hyams GOATed

  • JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass

    JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass

    god bless him for bothering his arse about this for so long. I know why ollie stone is obsessed with this considering its the convergence point of his political awakening, entry into the army and his parents divorce, so of course all this mixed with the fact that it remains one of the biggest cultural shocks in generations means that it would be his personal white whale.

    i mean, it cant be clearer, especially with the post-war's blatantly clandestine and…

  • Spencer



    "you have to make your body do things that you hate. yes, for the good of the country. for the people, because they don't want us to be people. I'm sorry, I thought you knew."

    Uses an established historical figure, whos tragedy pre-conceives our own participation in the story, to tell the purely wall-speaking goings on of a Christmas Celebration from hell. An alt-history in a real world, so there's emotional truth but its left as stains on toilet bowls,…

  • Hombre



    its so understated and beautifully metered out.
    Newmans restraint in material that could so easily fall into a shoot em up is a medal on the breast of Ritt and Leonard too. All of Newmans boyish cool in other films is great but him here is something else. a hurt dignity being projected through those blue eyes, a stoicism without exoticness.
    Having to deal with a wilderness that white man created, that white man cant resolve.

    its essence is one…

  • Lone Star

    Lone Star


    i think before, i appreciated the overlapping textures of it all.
    a desert-type photography, a tex-mex aroma through generational cultural convergences etc. but this watch I was mesmerized by its depth.
    One of the times I think about someone writing a script like this, something so real and meaningful and connected to something so effervescently human and my brain hurts.
    John Sayles' best ever thing he's written and I would say a foundational piece of America onscreen and in writing about the country itself and its ever-changing shadow.
    Not being facetious, but this is the real Crash (2004) except not shit or utterly disingenuous.

  • The Reckless Moment

    The Reckless Moment


    Even when Ophuls (here as Opuls) isnt relishing the process or making a haughty classic, he still undeniably loves to handwring as he creates a scandal. So much of his stories rely on the spectrum of romance: lashing and complex, soft and conciliatory, powderpuffed and bruise-marked but of all the things he does, he loves to make their baseline the subject of gossip. some celebrity, but mostly mundane, his films always seen to be fearful of being handed down through…

  • House of Games

    House of Games


    "you used me"

    "i used you, i did and im sorry. and you learned some things about yourself that youd rather not know. im sorry for that too. you say i acted atrociously, yes i did. I do it for a living."

    Mamets truest doughy-eyed loveletter to the allure and estrangement and immersive candor of writing. His direct lens-barrel to the audiences eyes to say that cinema is a lie, writing is the trick and everyone in the theatre's pockets…