Tenet ★★

i should preface this (just for posterity WINK WINK) that not only did i have the full cinema screen to myself, but i was in my all-time favourite cinema, Glasgow Showcase, and was reminded of how much i truly love and adore being in at the behest of the darkness of the screen. gaze fixated in only one direction, warmly dedicating myself to a massive projection.

Tenet starts off well enough but after minute 90 of algebraic exposition (that doesn't ever stop), the fatigue of everything really hits like fuck. im not sure whats properly at stake or ever truly gifted an idea of motive because the quantum physic lessons never truly stop. wether its from a russian oligarch, an agent of espionage or a marine, the notebook never really leaves your hand to enjoy a genuinely cooled scandinavian colour palette and time-river thriller. when people pass one another, when plot threads catch up, when characters travel henceforth, when the proto-chernobyl beach-storming war ending comes, youre so lost in swamp of identities and science that i was genuinely Zen with how little i knew or cared about what was happening.
to make time travel/manipulation truly accessible and fun, it NEEDS to be either hacky and undedicated in a genre-masher, or its got to be mathematical and poetic. But here its just LOUD and PERPETUAL without regards for anyone but the director.

that sound mix should be a lesson for anyone. a (fucking great imo) soundtrack blaring over people talking about paradoxes in SWAT masks is the worst way to fucking get your 8 degrees of plot across to the audience.

i did like how it started though and i genuinely reckon a director with a lesser budget would have made some sort of shipping container time travel espionager REALLY great, but this? a mess.
obviously rewatches will garner more understanding of the thing here, but my time is precious man, i have more futurama to watch.

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