F9 ★★★★

stupid dumb idiot shit.
sure its been mentioned before but Fast and Furious (not just each individual film, but the franchise arc as a whole) is the definitive type of superhero film. Humble beginnings, traumatizing death arcs, catalysts for progression, globe-spanning espionage, superhuman feats of physicality, action, reflex and stupid dumb idiot shit that makes you feel like life is worth living.
Theres not loads, but the people that dismiss F&F as trite or unrealistic while consuming every jigsaw-lite piece of interlocking superhero lore, arent willing to admit that modern hero films are homework now. Timeouts of action with pavlovian feeder-pellets of cameos and crossovers. goodboy treats and pats on the head for sticking it through this long.
F&F is a core soap drama of deaths, fake deaths, deep friendships and a throughline of suspended consistency that means the action can get as fucking tuned to the moon as it wants, because the people care for your experience as much as they do for each others lives.
i genuinely never want them to stop making these movies.