Cruella ★★★½


I was destined to enjoy this because if there are three things I love it’s a villain, a girl boss, and fashion. And Emma stone! Four things! So appreciate that I had a great time even though I felt like nitpicking. 

I thought Emma was great as always and she made fun choices but was almost too sympathetic for me to find her a villain. My biggest critique probably is that Cruella didn’t really lean into that villainy, and I was expecting Disney to honestly take it further! I wanted her to kill those fucking dogs! Her talent just stands out in anything she’s in though so what can I really say. 

Anyways what’s the point of having a queer coded character and have their queerness mean nothing ? I loved Artie and he got nothing. And people have mentioned it already but to see the revival of the black best friend trope is very strange! Then again did it ever really go away? So thumbs down in those regards 👎

And this movie kinda has me feeling that even the refreshed, “dark” Disney still isn’t much different than the regular fare. It was literally dark, as in sometimes hard to see, but not that edgy. It was fresh, but still childish. 

No question it should’ve been shorter. Honestly wanted more from the fashion even though there were some killer looks. Too many on the nose needle drops. Loved the lead actresses but felt sad no one else got much characterization. Overall a win because there is a character named Jasper. 

But those CGI dogs......... just terrible.

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