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  • Joy Ride

    Joy Ride


    I wasn't prepared for how straight up funny this was. And for how much it made me miss my friends.

    Bobcat, a true iconoclast.

  • Limbo



    It's been 15 long years since Soi Cheang made the brutal Dog Bite Dog. This feels like coming home.

    Cheng Siu-keung's anti-minimalist cinematography delivers us corner-to-corner frames filled with trash, filth, and almost impossible Hong Kong noir cityscapes.

    Gordon Lam has been in "the zone" for two straight decades.

    This is the cinema of anguish, despair, and pain.

    It sent me straight back to the neo-noirs of '88-92 HK/Tokyo. And Shinya Tsukamoto's Bullet Ballet (1998).

    I'm glad someone in HK remembers how to make movies like this. My fave watch of '21.

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  • Siege



    "Get out of my house now, or I'm going to put a hole in your head just big enough for your tiny brain to drop through."

    Severin Films are doing the lord's work.

    This Halifax-filmed movie (that takes place in Halifax, NS!) blew my fool mind.

    Canuxploitation grindhouse extraordinaire. An almost 40yo genre film that tackled homophobia head-on.

    NYC grime meets Assault on Precinct 13. Shot in all the locations that I and my neerdowell friends used to hang out at.

    🎥 3.7/5
    🎞 The 4K restoration looks incredible.
    🎹 5/5 The film score