Jasper Mall

Jasper Mall ★★★★½

A surprisingly affecting documentary about a once-bustling mall in Alabama that seems to be rapidly dying, focusing on a variety of folks that includes both employees and the (dwindling) customers.

The filmmakers adopt an unobtrusive, fly-on-the-wall approach that should please fans of the Maysles brothers and early Errol Morris, and some of the miniature narratives that develop over the course of the film really sneak up on you with how much you care.

I love malls. Whether they are modernized neon wonderlands or old, flat, beige, windowless, airless purgatories (like Jasper Mall), they hold a nostalgic fascination for me. I am also fascinated by abandoned and ruined places, so this documentary hit me on both fronts.  I was happy to find out after watching the film that Jasper Mall is indeed still alive and kicking, though.

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