A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol ★★★★

I'm not crazy about 3D and the size of the screen has never really mattered much to me. I can watch a movie on a tiny screen in a dingy, little theatre and be completely transported, and I can also watch a movie in 3D on a screen the size of a football field and be bored out of my mind.

Sometimes, though, the bells and whistles really do work on me. Seeing this version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL in 3D on a gigantic IMAX screen was just such an occasion. It was one of the most immersive film experiences I've ever had, especially the opening credits sequence, during which the "camera" glides at various speeds over and around a 19th century Victorian England city at Christmastime while the snow is falling.

The rest of the movie has a few problems (especially a healthy chunk of the Ghost-of-Christmas-Future segment, which is bafflingly given over to a lengthy and pointless chase scene), but I'm happy to say that I enjoy it at home on the small screen nearly as much as I did at IMAX. The story is as gripping as ever, the visual design is creative and endlessly beautiful (even when it's terrifying, which is actually quite often).

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