Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

So much can be said about this excellent adventure film. Right from the opening scene we learn so much about Indiana Jones. We learn he's experienced, smart, and determined to retrieve different artifacts. We also get introduced to our main villain Dr. Rene Belloq. Belloq is more complex then just he's bad to be bad he actually even brings up a good point to Indiana later in the movie saying they are almost exactly alike. Belloq steals the artifact in the beginning and that sets up Indiana Jones motivation for this movie. Not only does he want to get the Ark for the US and defeat the Nazi's but he wants to beat out his French rival Belloq. The next scene when Indiana Jones is teaching has always been a favorite of mine. I love how they gave him a Superman-esque lifestyle where he's an ordinary nerdy teacher and also our hero. One of the great things about this movie is how original it is. There's not many adventure films like this yet Raiders of The Lost Ark still succeeds in drawing our attention. Characters like Indiana Jones, Marion, Sallah, and even our villain Belloq keep us fascinated because each of them has a different motivation and are all very well acted. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones may be more iconic than him as Han Solo. They both are extremely witty and charismatic characters that are nearly impossible not to like. Steven Spielberg is a legend for a reason and he showcases his abilities as a director in this movie. A scene I've always loved and I think everyone does is the scene where the Egyptian guy is waving his sword around and Jones just takes out his gun and shoots him without caring. That perfectly captures the humor of the movie and the character of Indiana Jones. It also gives us a stronger feeling that this is just one of many missions that he's been put on. We get so many iconic moments in this movie that is still referenced in pop culture today. The only real "bad" about this movie is that the fighting sequences contain some punches and kicks that look fake but due to this movie being from 1981 it's excusable since the explosions and other effects look surprisingly good for 2020. Just a little fun fact I guess but Raiders of the Lost Ark actually was right with the Nazi's obsession of artifacts they really were looking for artifacts all around the world. SPOILER but this is from 1981 and iconic so I'm assuming you don't need the spoiler warning but the scene with them opening the Ark shows how power hungry the villains were and the fact that Indiana Jones who's life is based upon this didn't look even though he probably wanted to shows how in the end he was a different than Belloq. Also, the final scene with them putting the Ark in the storage unit is iconic and kinda disturbing to think it's just one of many pieces of powerful objects the government has. Overall, this is one of the most iconic blockbusters in film history thanks to Spielberg and George Lucas for creating the fascinating Adventure story and Harrison Ford who brought the character to life with wit and compassion.

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