Nobody ★★★½


Bob Odenkirk kicking ass? Yes please! Nobody is a ton of fun. The fight scenes are choreographed phenomenally, the kills are creative, Odenkirk is an S-tier actor, the film looks and sounds great, and the director’s hand guides us through this (albeit, cliched) story very well. Nobody focuses a lot more on storytelling/plot development than a regular 90-minute action-thriller does, and while I did like it a lot for the first half, I kinda realized something as the movie was nearing end.
The first act lasts for 45 minutes. That is half of the runtime. The second and third acts split the remaining 45, but the structure of this film is fucked. It feels like the second half of the second act is completely missing and I really wish that the film was longer. Other than that huge issue plus some really cliched plot points and rushed dialogue, Nobody is a blast that shouldn’t leave anybody bored.