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  • Nobody



    It’s impossible not to compare this to the John Wick franchise, given they both sprouted from the kicky-punchy mind of Derek Kolstad, but I was delighted by how different Nobody turned out to be — likely a result of Ilya Naishuller’s brilliant and exhilarating direction.

    And the core casting of Bob Odenkirk, the RZA, and Christopher Lloyd as a quirky family of government-trained killing machines? Just a thing of beauty. We truly love to see it.

    [📽: iTunes Rental]

    [No. 37 /// 2021]

  • Point Break

    Point Break


    Well, friends, I have some good news — it only took 30 years, but our long national nightmare is over... for I have finally seen the 1991 Kathryn Bigelow-helmed action-crime film Point Break

    The real scene-stealer here, in my opinion? Gary Fuckin’ Busey. Every line is a perfect take, and the energy he brings is just magical. Pure beautiful chaos. Everyone else was great too, but that’s my main takeaway.

    Also, “the Ex-Presidents” is a fantastic gimmick for a team of bank robbers — especially one made up of anarchic philosophical surfer boys.

    [📽: HBO Max]

    [No. 36 /// 2021]

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  • John Mulaney: New in Town

    John Mulaney: New in Town


    13-YEAR-OLD: You don’t make enough progress on your watchlist because you watch John Mulaney’s stand-up specials far too often.

    ME: No! That’s the thing I’m sensitive about!

  • Megamind



    In a perfect world, Megamind would’ve been the 2010 animated film that got multiple sequels and spin-offs, while Despicable Me just faded into the background. But alas, that’s not the case. This is why we can’t have nice things.