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  • Panic in the Streets

    Panic in the Streets

    Jumping on the Covid-19 viewing bandwagon here.

    Widmark and Palance both great here plus some compelling faces along the way. Love the real locations, particularly the banana/coffee warehouse chase at the end.

    Very procedural though, a bit too much as it scantly mounts the dramatic tension/excitement that it needs.

    Contrary to the title however, the streets remain free of panic. That’s a little irksome.

  • The Barefoot Contessa

    The Barefoot Contessa

    Huge disappointment. Always thought this was going to be a sure-bet masterpiece but this one is mostly just a ho-hum melodramatic yarn with some cosmopolitan window dressing.

    Sure, Ava Gardner gives a stellar performance - but the film basically just sets her dynamic, self-reliant character up for two hours of disappearing into one shitty relationship after another with a parade of rich assholes until the life is literally sapped out of her.

    Like African Queen, Cardiff's photography isn't even at his most competent.

    Suddenly, Last Summer is some crazed fun, but I'm thinking maybe I'm just not into Mankiewicz.

    Oh well.

  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    White people are even gentrifying movies about gentrification.
    People who like this should be ashamed of themselves.

    No stars because I turned it off after 45m.