James has written 5 reviews for films rated ★½ .

  • Stranded



    Metrograph, 35mm

    A bootleg Liza Minnelli beards her way across Greece with her severely closeted boyfriend and a thirsty twinkish art fellow. Along the way, they smoke hash, give impromptu performances for each other, and dance to Rembetika.

    If you know my interests, you'd imagine this was a film made especially for me.

    Instead, what we have here are 90 minutes that feel like an eternity, trapped on a small boat with the cringy, self-involved theater kids you dropped out of your performing arts magnet school to get away from.

    Indeed, I felt STRANDED.

  • SuperFly



    Williamsburg Cinema, DCP

    Director X is no Hype Williams
    & Superfly is no Belly

  • Genesis



    Brooklyn Film Festival, Digital

  • So You Want to Be in Pictures

    So You Want to Be in Pictures


    The stupid shit you watch between movies on TCM. 

    But I did learn that Clifton James had a stylistic predecessor in Ralph Sanford

  • Lady in the Lake

    Lady in the Lake


    Payed about 1/4 attention as this first-person Phillip Marlowe yarn played on TCM, which is as much attention as it deserves.