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  • Ilana Glazer: The Planet Is Burning

    Ilana Glazer: The Planet Is Burning

    Utterly embarrassing.

    I really liked the first couple seasons of Broad City, but around the time Hillary Clinton did her cringe-inducing walk-on, the show had possibly become the laziest, self-satisfied piece of shit on cable.

    For all the people who claim that Amy Schumer doesn't have jokes and just says random shit about her pussy, I suggest they give this one a go. See what half-assing it really looks like.

    60 minutes of woke pandering and loaded, self-congratulatory applause lines.

    Ilana Glazer, you're dismissed.

  • Purl



    Regressive, fake-woke, and decidedly un-feminist.

    Nobody is bothered that all women are represented by balls of yarn?!

    Or that the ultimate message is that it's up to women to change sexist workplace attitudes?

    Peak commodified feminism.

  • Reptilicus


    Film: .5/5
    MST3K Episode: 3.5/5