The African Queen ★★★

Minor Huston for sure. I was excited to see my man Robert Morley again after seeing Beat The Devil so recently, then they kill him off at the very beginning. No matter, I didn't care for his wack-ass Christian missionary character anyway.

Bogart is def charming and Cardiff's cinematography is competent but not top-tier. Most of the action sequences here are really underwhelming and resolve themselves almost without any real conflict. They float this goddamn steamboat off a roaring waterfall and all we get for it is a couple seconds of Bogart and Hepburn flailing about and getting splashed before they end up safe and sound on the shore - no biggie.

There were a couple very effective sequences though - the mosquito swarm made my skin crawl and pulling the boat through the leech-infested marsh was truly one of the most arduous things I've ever seen in a movie.

I've never read much about Fitzcarraldo since it's not really one of my favorite Herzogs, but surely this must have been an influence?

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